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Thoughts on Disqus

On reading the article Replacing Disqus with Github Comments I found it down right apalling that Disqus collects so much data and let’s so many services (some quite shady) track its users.

Disqus on my blog has been a really good add-on in terms of functionality. I was pretty happy with it - well, until now. I intend to replace it with a less intrusive service; which I have yet to figure out. Using Github Issue API hack for comments is quite interesting but, having the user navigate away from the website to post a comment is a deal breaker for me.

Also, I will probably have to figure out a way to preserve the comments that are already there on my posts - maybe let Disqus be up for those posts. This highlights another problem - Comments on Disqus are not mine. They do provide an export feature so I can look into that.